Tack, Babelfish

It tell me, ké is ke you create? in this world, in this world of intoxicated a voice ke has been infuriating to you for echo in your altered oidos These dying, you believe in you? these fleeing from something vile violent changes you undergo brutal absence today, you believe today in you? And simply you decide to face ke you detest and kieres to finish and until now you decide to despise ke becomes ill to you and you cannot cure It tell me, ke is what you create? in this world of forgotten a shout ke flees you towards places already left Nothing or nobody podra to take ke you know. Nothing or nobody podra to take ke you can see.

Ovan: en text av den helt fenomenala gruppen Hocico, i (…synnerligen “fri”…) översättning av Babelfish. Ibland önskar man att den bara kunde vara lite, lite bättre, så att man förstod den spanska texten.

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